Truck on Barge

Fast-Track Construction

The faster and safer a project can be completed generally results in greater profit for all parties involved. And, meeting wide and varied needs requires a material provider/producer that has an intrinsic and expansive understanding and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of raw materials. 

This is where Superior Materials excels.

Superior Materials is a proven provider of choice for fast-track construction projects in all our service areas. We have the knowledge, technology, the team, and the resources to partner with our customers every step of the way to determine the fastest, most economical way to meet your needs.



To ensure our custom designs achieve targeted performance characteristics, extensive testing is required. We use our concrete laboratory and technical service personnel to verify targets are achieved, while maintaining mixture place-ability and finish-ability. Full-scale plant trial batches are also conducted before custom design mixtures are used in production. Whether the performance characteristic needed is 10,000 psi in twenty-four hours, or 40 lb/ft3, we have the resources and procedures to insure success.


Capacity for Speed

Our concrete mixing plants are strategically located for fast delivery and are supported by a fleet of trucks that can be deployed to scale up the job when needed. Our experienced customer service personnel and drivers make sure that the delivery schedule is met. Our quality control staff maintains the quality and consistency of the concrete load after load, day after day.


Fast-Track Mixes

We have developed a number of performance products and custom mixes that help speed construction:

  • Flowable Fill eliminates equipment, material handling, and labor for all backfill operations and can be paved over the same day.
  • High-Performance Concrete pumpable mixes come to strength fast enough for early set and easy stripping.
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete places fast, eliminates the need for vibration, and can be optimized for early strength gain. Ideal for congested concrete forms including foundation mats, vertical walls, and high-rise construction.