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12-mile and Coolidge Intersection Improvements

A Superior Materials Project


Michigan Concrete Association Award – 2012 Intersections

  • Location: City of Berkley
  • Contractor: FIorence Cement Co.
  • Engineer: Hubbell. Roth and Clark. Inc.
  • Concrete Supplier: Superior Materials
  • Owner: City of Berkley

This very busy intersection near the center of downtown Berkley was in desperate need of repair due to the brick pavers that were not performing adequately under existing traffic loads. The major challenge for this project required the contractor to complete the work within a tight time frame during the summer of 2012. It was critical to the community to have the road opened to traffic by the weekend of the Woodward Dream Cruise, which brings many visitors to the Berkley area. Florence Cement Company met the challenge and provided a superior product.

The City allowed the entire intersection to be closed to traffic during construction to expedite the project. The existing intersection was removed and replaced with new 10-inch plain concrete placed over 8-inch of compacted sand. ADA ramps were also constructed and decorative colored and stamped crosswalks were installed. The project took only six weeks to complete under the full intersection closure, including final restoration, clean-up and pavement marking application. August 6, 2012 was the deadline for completion and Florence Cement successfully met all deadlines completing the project in plenty of time for the Dream Cruise event.